Monkey Brothers Valet Transport & Truck Detailing

Monkey Brothers works with trailer manufacturers, second hand dealers, fleet operators and individual owners.  We are contracted to provide point to point trailer relocation services.

Trailer Types

No matter what type of trailer configuration you have to move, Monkey Brothers has the equipment to be able to handle the job.  From a single Fridge Van to a stacked set of Skel trailers, we will always endeavour to find the most cost effective and efficient movement schedule for your trailer.

Safety and Compliance

Monkey Brothers works within the framework of the NHVR “Standard Hours” fatigue management methodology with additional company policies which limit drive times to between 6am and Midnight on any given day. We have found this ensures that our drivers are getting more than adequate rest times and the majority of our work day is during day light hours – meaning any problems or issues that may arise during the drive can be taken care of in the fastest and most cost effective manner.

No Load Policy

We do not under any circumstances “load up” your trailers with 3rd party freight. Should you wish us to carry your own freight in your own trailers we will try always accommodate these requests.

Registration Status

We are able to tow unregistered vehicles under our own trade plate program.  Any vehicle being towed under this program needs to be in roadworthy condition in order that we meet NHVR regulations and our insurance conditions are not breached.


We are comprehensively insured by NTI for Public Liability, Trailer in Control and Marine.  Please feel free to ask us for a copy of our certificates of currency should you require it.


We operate a growing fleet of late model Volvo and Freightliner vehicles which are regularly maintained.

The vehicles are checked daily and serviced monthly or as needed to ensure they are as reliable, safe and fuel-efficient as they can be.   The trucks are customised to suit the tasks at hand with Ringfeder hitches and the ability to carry tipper tubs directly on the chassis rails of the vehicles.


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